SASART update:

Slowly starting to see the different pages coming together! Figuring out how to connect html links and urls and bring all the different medias together is still just as time consuming as ever but one way or another it shall happen!

I also have a lot of artwork that has yet to be added and will also soon start the process of possibly getting better pictures of customer orders – some were done so long ago that the camera quality we have now puts the old photos to shame! Eventually with the hopes of compiling a better custom orders portfolio for those who are new to SASART to view.

Facebook group SASART contest winner – Strangler vines wrapping around a old tree.

SASART website in progress!

Finally got the laptop that was needed to continue to push forward for the ongoing plans for my small business in the making – SASART. Eventually with plans to have a art gallery front to go with it and much more. But one step at a time!

One of the commissioned pieces SASART was hired to create for a customer to gift to a couple in celebration of their home that was just built! Done on posterboard sized paper, using a photograh of the house featured in the drawing|!

Right now the website is in the beginning stages of being built and a huge learning curve with a new acer chromebook and linking printers and scanners! But bound and determined to make this even better, so please feel free to check it out in the meantime but remember it’s still in the works! Lots of tweeking with each photo, menu, caption, and insert within the site also – but once you start to learn and understand the ins and outs of wordpress it becomes quite achievable!

Check out the current media that SASART has up and please like, share, and follow! Anything that sparks a interest feel free to contact through email or by direct message through instagram or facebook! Help SASART spread by getting the unique and freehand artwork and designs out there for more to see and enjoy!